Titanium Case for Modern and Fashionable Watches

What should be a case of a modern, high quality and trendy watch? Should one choose stainless steel, titanium, various alloys, rubber or plastic? To date, titanium items are sales leaders. Titanium represents light, silver-white metal resistant to corrosion. Leading Japanese brands – Orient, Casio and Citizen are considered the best manufacturers of titanium models.

Orient offers the largest selection of titanium items. Orient titanium watches have quite classic look. They feature simple and concise shapes, modern design and nothing more. Men’s models feature asceticism and strict proportions. Women’s watches are characterized by elegance and gracefulness of bracelet drawing. Titanium allows achieving any effect. It provides severity and reliability for men’s items, while women’s watches feature lightness and elegance. Orient titanium series offers men’s mechanical watches with mineral glass and additional calendar function. They do not have a wide range of possibilities. The main task is to correspond to the owner’s status. Such watch does not distract attention from its owner, but becomes a part of his image.

Orient women’s watches are also made of titanium case. CUBQN002B0 model is very popular. The popularity of the item is not surprising, as bracelet is very delicate and dynamic. It looks superbly elegant at a woman’s hand.

Casio Lin Lineage watches represent high quality and incredibly attractive products. They embody the best design ideas. Harmonious proportions, case and bracelet look like a single unit. This generates smooth and beautiful lines. Casio Lin watches will probably please you and become objects of envy for other fops.

Very stylish and considered Casio watch serves not just a fashion accessory designed to decorate, but also an accurate mechanism with a number of outstanding features. The latest titanium Casio G-Shock MR-G (MRG-7100BJ) watch is just an example of intellect and beauty union. It features a built-in solar battery, stopwatch, digital and analog time indices.

Many Citizen watches are made of titanium. These durable and lightweight models are represented in Titanium collection. Citizen watches are not fully made from titanium. They often feature a combined alloy with inlays of gilt or other materials.

Titanium Eco-Drive Ladies represents a line of titanium products for women. Small and elegant watches are equipped with Citizen Eco-Drive system, fluorescent coating on hands and hour markers, as well as safe lock with secure clamp.

Regardless of a choice – Orient, Citizen or Casio watches, pay attention to an item’s weight and color.

Genuine titanium watch is almost white and weightless. Beware of imitations!

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