Lingerie Stands For Beautiful and Sexy!

Whenever the word “lingerie” is spoken people still tend to get quiet. Everyone automatically connects fashionable and alluring women’s undergarments to sexy intimates, a topic, which in today’s world, is still surrounded by a hue of secrecy. Deriving from the French linge or washables, the concept of visually appealing underclothing, did not emerge until the later part of the 19th century. What was considered extremely sexy by ankle ogling husbands back then, has certainly lost its charm today. This proves that revolutionary, modern times really brought a global change, including on the runways where, today, a different kind of “dessous “is attracting everyone’s attention.

Moral transformations, newer, more sensuous materials, and better design options have made it possible to create more provocative undergarments, revealing more than a few squares of bare skin. The most recent pieces of ‘unmentionables’ have become more comfortable, while maintaining their seductive magnetism. On the other hand, do not be misled. The uncomfortable corsets and girdles from the old days are still used, but generally more for medical, posture or shape-altering reasons.

Semi-sheer camisoles, ruffled panties, silk chemises, peek-a-boo teddies, and lacy baby dolls are flying off the sale’s tables at the mall, but despite popular belief, sexy lingerie shopping is not only limited to women. Men play a big part in the undergarment retail industry, and husband, fiancĂ©es and boyfriends have been known to wander into lingerie stores and underwear departments to pick up a flirty, inviting and passion unleashing negligees for their sweetheart. That raises the question: why do people find lingerie so attractive? Is it the visual aspect, or that fact that humans are physical beings when it comes to bedroom affaires? Can appealing clothing really unleash fantasy and deliver a world where everyone is truly sexy?

Whatever the reason may be, many women stand in line to buy leather garter belts, fishnet bodysuits, leotards, or embroidered thongs, because they want their partner to find them desirable and sexy. Elegant bras and satin-smooth panties boost their confidence, and can give these ladies the courage to step out of their comfort zone. It brings welcome excitement to busy lives, and couples who have little time for zest and romance.

So, next time you saunter past these inviting posters of beautiful women showing off their curves in flattering bras and panties, smile and picture what such items could do to your love life!

By: Irida Sangemino – Published, freelance writer/copywriter/journalist/editor with wide-ranging interests.
Chandler, AZ –

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